Southern Sudan Project was created to provide the opportunity for the marginalized youth to learn and become a qualified contributor in the world economic system.

Since the declaration of independence in January 1956, Sudan has been at civil unrest. The Arab-led Khartoum government has reneged on agreement after agreement.

The educational resources and institutions, contingent upon conversion to the religion of Islam, places the non-Islamic citizens at a disadvantage. The southern region has been struggling with the marginalization of the youth, in particular.

There are very few schools and most of those in existence are primary schools. These schools are only able to offer what is equivalent to a fifth grade level of education in western education system.

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Four primary methods of reaching our mission.


Southern Sudan Project uses this tool of communication to educate the audience about the current social/sociopolitical condition of the nation of Sudan.


Conferences are a very powerful and intentional way of disseminating information to a target audience.


Our fundraising efforts have been organized within SSP and with our community partners to reach our goal.

Community Involvement

SSP solicits the assistance of people and organizations, we love to contribute to the success of other organizations who have a community and humanitarian focus.

We will for Aweil

The focus of the Southern Sudan Project has always been education, which is key to empowerment and self-determination.

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